What people are saying about me and my artwork....

Steven Duncan is an absolute creative genius! His graphic skills are unparalleled. The detail and intricacies of his designs are so complex. Each layer and effect he applies are deliberate and thoughtful which results in works of art. Working with Steven was a blast. I still hold great memories that bring a smile to my face and occasionally break out in giggles. I would highly recommend Steven for and project...versatile, talented, and fun!
— Sharon Lee, Former Creative Director of Bare Escentuals Cosmetics
Steve was the first Creative Director (Suzy’s Zoo) with whom I had the opportunity to work directly. He was fundamental in shaping the way I approached design, art and presentation. His style was effortless. I am still in awe of what he is able to dream up. Unique, creative designs and pitches seem to just flow from him. He taught me so much about how to work collaboratively and the fundamentals of design. A true mentor and excellent talent. I’d love to work with Steve again.
— Candace Brenner, Director, Global Brand Marketing, Sony Online Entertainment
The set design [for Chicago’s Goodman Theatre’s Fall 2016 production of Leonard Bernstein’s musical Wonderful Town] was inspired by a graphic illustration by Steven Duncan so much so that our set designer Todd Rosenthal contacted the artist asking if we had his permission to recreate something similar. He was actually thrilled and is going to be attending a performance. When working on a set, we do all types of research and look at many images. There was something special about the lighthearted nature of that illustration and it’s portrayal of the buildings of the New York skycap.
— Mary Zimmerman, Director of The Goodman Theater's production of Wonderful Town
Steve Duncan’s aesthetic talents are unmatched. With a beat on pop culture and design through the ages, our projects benefited immensely from his skilled eye and extensive training. Whether whimsical or traditional, Steve is able to transform a slip of an idea into a persuasive and enchanting vision in a wide variety of formats. Best of all, he is an absolute joy to work with. His positive attitude and deft interpersonal skills make brainstorming and execution an absolute pleasure. I hope to work with him again!
— Camilla Lombard, Vice President, Sea Forager
Steven is one of those rare creative individuals that possess a true creative gift as well as solid business acumen. It was a benefit to have worked with him and the team under his direction at Suzy’s Zoo. I believe that his work on both the business and creative side of the brand was key to the many of the brands successes.
— Paula Boggess, Associate Director Digital Production, The Integer Group
Steven Duncan and I worked together at October Afternoon. As General Manager, it became clear very quickly that he was a special talent. Instead of pieces of collections, or small parts of a project, he was tasked with creating and designing entire lines...he is a great team player making those around him better, In a high stress, deadline driven environment he never failed to deliver a high quality product on time. He was quick to step up and take the lead on any work that needed to be done, from major projects to assembling an amazing booth for a trade show. The best times at October Afternoon were the times Steven was on the team
— Eric Smith, Former General Manager October Afternoon
I highly recommend Steven Duncan, a true talent to our industry. Steven is a top-notch designer and illustrator and offers a full palate of great service. He is a team player, professional, and will help your business grow. Steven is creative, thoughtful, insightful, organized, and a true professional.
— Sandy Fields, Director of Sales, FingerPrints of California/National Design
Working with Steven is always a delight. His unique ability to visualize and execute concepts, his great sense of humor, and his professionalism made every day we worked together equal parts productive and fun. His contagious passion for design comes through in everything he does, and can’t help but inspire the people he works with. As a writer I’ve patterned with numerous artists and graphic designers over the years, but I believe some of my best creative work came through on the projects that we worked on together. He always brings great ideas to the table and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Allison Goldstein, Marketing Copywriter
I worked with Steven’s creative designs as a Design Team Member (October Afternoon) for over a year. He has an amazing eye for pattern and color choices; which were always spot on. He creates a vintage esthetic in his work that is now always easy to get just right-but he does. Not to mention, he is about the nicest person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.
— Lexi Bridges, Blogger "Prone to Wander" & Studio Calico Design Team Member
I have had the pleasure of working with Steve face to face and through his inspired creations in the paper and craft industry. He is an extraordinarily talented AND positive person to work with. I continue to reach for the papers and products that he designed even as time passes.
— Becky Dein Novacek, Becky Novacek Photography & Studio Calico Design Team Member
Steven Duncan was an outstanding and extremely talented coworker at October Afternoon. I was very impressed with not only his incredibly versatile skill set, but also his friendly & professional personality. He was equally at home with both design & illustration, making him a very versatile and accomplished collaborator.
— Mark Engblom, Former Designer/Illustrator, October Afternoon
I had the pleasure of working with Steve Duncan for over a year at October Afternoon. It is rare to find someone with his combination of dedication, positive attitude, and willingness to tackle any project. Steve’s creativity and talents in graphic design and illustration are truly impressive, consistently producing high-quality results.
— Nate Messerich, Copywriter/Customer Service, October Afternoon